Calc98 Version 5.3 Free

Calculate all you need no matter if you are a second – grader or an engineer

Calc98 is a financial, architectural, engineering, scientific and statistical pocket calculator simulating program compatible to the Microsoft Windows operating system. It has a comprehensive pair of conversions, constants and physical data, a built - in periodic table elements, vectors, range of base conversions, complex figures and matrices.
It is not the prettiest one you can find online, but this particular free software package beats all of the standard Microsoft Windows calculators. Beside from doing basic arithmetic, Calc98 also has the financial capabilities, which includes mortgage loan payment, discount and interest, annuity, physical constants unit conversions, complex numbers and matrices support. It is also capable to do Reverse Polish Notation (RPN).

A humble but well chosen pair of options allows you to fine - tune your keypad and to decide which way the digits will be displayed. The Calc98 would be even greater if it had the ability to print paper tape which is very useful thing if you want to keep your calculations stored. Regardless of the unattractive look, this desktop calculator will let you do all the counts you need, and probably a lot more than you think a simple calculator can do. So, next time when you get stuck with your math task, you will know what to do.
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